Woodland Designs & Services

Why Choose Us?

Woodland Design & Services works closely with the client with multiple updates throughout the process. 

We strive to answer every question to the best of our ability, and if we do not know the answer, we will find it.

Each design is unique to the company and will not be used again. 

Everyone is important. We treat everyone with respect no matter what.

We are a small group and do not outsource anything. From beginning to end, you will be working with the same person.

What Others Have to Say

Founder & CEO

While Woodland Designs and Services was founded in 2020, the heart of our company can be traced back to the early 2000s. At California State University Fullerton our founder, Paulina Woods worked as a reporter for The Titan, CSUF’s student paper. While on staff she was asked to become one of the paper’s web designers and she agreed. Though she was a communications major she found she immensely enjoyed web design. Post CSUF our founder utilized her skills as a web designer for personal endeavors and to assist friends realize their dreams. Eventually, through word of mouth, her services were in such demand that  Woodland Designs and Services was born.

At Woodland Designs and Services we keep that same feeling of excitement and wonder from our early foray into web design alive for each and every client project we take on. We strive to make our clients dreams and visions a reality. Whether you need branding package, a reliable company to ensure your online site runs smoothly, help creating that perfect logo, or bigger and more daunting jobs, we at Woodland Designs and Services are here to help.

Woodland Designs and Services; professional with a personal touch.