Woodland Designs and Services

Hosting & Maintenance

All website projects will be added to Woodland Designs and Services Hosting (unless requested otherwise). There is a monthly fee of $30 when hosting with us. This includes personal assistance, upgrades, routine maintenance, and weekly backups of site.

Payment is due on the first of every month. Unpaid websites are suspended on the 5th at 11:59pm pst. If website is not paid by the 30th day, it will be terminated and client will be in breach of contract.

If you would like to use a different hosting company, that is your right. If you decided you want your own hosting plan after the website is completed, the transfer fee is $250.

Why is there a monthly bill? Paying hosting is like paying a phone bill. You pay Woodland Designs and Services to use their network to store data, access the internet & etc.

*Pricing for varies with eCommerce 


$30 per month

$288 per year (20% savings)

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