Woodland Designs and Services Hosting is the default hosting option for all website projects, unless otherwise specified. Clients who choose to host with us will be charged a monthly fee of $50. This fee covers a range of services, including personal assistance, regular upgrades, routine maintenance, and weekly backups of the site to ensure data security and smooth operation.

Payment for hosting services is required on the first day of each month. Websites with unpaid fees will be suspended on the 5th day at 11:59pm PST. If payment is not received within 30 days, the website will be terminated, and the client will be considered in breach of contract. It is essential to adhere to the payment schedule to avoid any disruptions to the website’s availability and functionality.

 Clients have the option to choose a different hosting company if they prefer. In the event that a client wishes to transfer to their own hosting plan after the website is completed, a transfer fee of $250 will apply. This flexibility allows clients to make decisions that best suit their needs and preferences regarding hosting services for their website.

Monthly bills are a common occurrence when it comes to services like hosting. Think of it as similar to paying your phone bill – you are essentially paying for the privilege of using a particular network. In this case, when you pay Woodland Designs and Services for hosting, you are essentially renting space on their network to store your data, access the internet, and perform various other tasks related to your online presence.

The pricing for hosting services can vary depending on the specific needs of the user. For example, if you are running an eCommerce website that requires a higher level of security and bandwidth, you may end up paying more than someone who is simply hosting a personal blog. This is because eCommerce websites typically require more resources to operate efficiently and securely, which in turn can impact the overall cost of hosting.

So, the next time you receive your monthly bill for hosting services, remember that you are essentially paying for the convenience and support of using a reliable network to store your data and keep your online presence up and running smoothly. The pricing may vary depending on your specific needs, but ultimately, it is a small price to pay for the benefits and services that hosting companies like Woodland Designs and Services provide.


$50 per month

$540 per year (10% savings)

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